About us

The story of Pepus dates back to 2003, which is when Miquel Tapias, the present owner of Espinaler and the fourth generation of the Tapias family at the head of the business, decided to create a second brand of fish and shellfish preserves.

The brand name pays tribute to a fisherman from Vilassar de Mar, the birthplace of the Espinaler brand, who each day went to the Taberna Espinaler. A personal friend of the Tapias family, Pepus was a person much loved in the town. In 2003, when the fisherman had already died, Miquel Tapias wanted to call Espinaler’s second brand of preserves Pepus in memory of this faithful friend.

In 2015, the young brand was relaunched with a new corporate image. The packaging comes with an original young, fresh image full of colour to project Pepus on the market.

The new packaging will allow the sale of products beyond the Catalan borders to places where aperitifs are not customary, but the attractive image and the prestige of the parent brand, Espinaler, allows the Catalan firm to be optimistic in its expectations.
Pepus is expected to disembark on the Asiatic and European market.